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 Do i have darting talent?

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PostSubject: Do i have darting talent?   Wed 16 Jun - 13:49

Hi Jamie, im 20years old an my dad has always had a dartboard in the house, and ive always messed about throwing for fun with no concentration or seriousness involved. Over the last few months ive decided to give darts a bit more attention as i really enjoy the game. I play for about 45 mins every 2 days, an i started off with a 65 average, but recently it has rocketed to 85.64. I also hit an 11 dart finish in a match against a guy when i was on holiday in Yorkshire. I hit 140,140,140,t19,d12. Im just wondering that if i practised a lot more, like 6-8 hours a day, could i in the next 10 years be good enough to make it as a pro?
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PostSubject: Re: Do i have darting talent?   Fri 21 Oct - 15:18

You need to get yourself in to a team so you can play competitive darts. I have known players over the years who are great on the floor but in a match they lose their bottle. There are 2 little words that can determine if you have the talent and the bottle and they are 'GAME ON'. So keep practising, look for an hour a day and play as many people that you would deem better than you as you can, play for a local team and enter as many comps as you can. In 6 months you will know for yourself if you are good enough.

Hope this helps and stick at it my friend as we need young talent coming through.

Kev 'The Mentalist' Brown
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Do i have darting talent?
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